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We’re Open 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

We’d be delighted to provide you with a complimentary parent pack brimming with valuable information about Fun Little Education Nursery
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All our efforts revolve around the well-being of our incredible children, and our ultimate goal is to offer top-tier childcare and education for your child. This phase of your child’s growth is truly enchanting, and our responsibility is to create an environment that fosters their safe exploration of the world.
At our nursery, we specialize in nurturing children’s personal growth by providing an engaging, distinctive, and highly tailored environment. Our aim is to foster a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere where children can enjoy meaningful interactions with their peers.
At our nursery, we specialize in nurturing children’s personal growth by offering engaging, distinctive, and tailored experiences. Our aim is to provide a welcoming and serene environment where children can enjoy meaningful interactions with their peers.
We understand the challenges of choosing a child care provider, which is why we’ve crafted an easy-to-follow 10-point checklist to assist you in making this important decision. Download your copy today!
As you are the one who knows your child best, we are delighted to support your approach in transitioning your child to our nursery. Nonetheless, we strongly suggest scheduling a free Introductory Session with us. This will help your child become acclimated to their new routine, become acquainted with our environment, and get to know our team before officially joining us.
In this session, we want to allow time for both you and your child to get to know our setting. This may be the first time your child has been away from you, so during this time they will be getting used to a different group of children and a new environment.
We understand that all children are unique, and that each child will require a different amount of time to settle into our nursery. In this session, we want to ensure that your child feels confident and happy in our nursery. This will be the first step in their educational journey, so we want to do all we can to make it a positive one!

Introductory Session

If you believe that additional sessions are necessary to help your child adjust, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the nursery manager, and we can make the necessary arrangements.
We hold deep affection for our parents and caregivers, and we take great pride in sharing their thoughts with you…
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